Wojtek Szczepanik

From techno parties to guitar parts, from King’s Cross to under the cross. Pianist and self-taught virtuoso Wojtek Szczepanik’s musical evolution is intriguing and ever-continuous. Having given up on a potential career as a professional skateboarder after one too many twisted ankles, Wojtek turned to music. Driven by a passion for composing, Wojtek first realized he could make money off of music after an unfortunate pickpocketing incident in Paris ended up in his busking in Gare Du Nord, earning his way to King’s Cross in London.Currently, Wojtek balances composing with architecture studies.

His understanding of space and sound are audible in his compositions and Wojtek approaches music with an intuitive pensiveness rarely found in such young artists. Recorded in an old wooden church in the north of Poland, his second album, entitled Instinct, released on the niche Swedish label 1631 Recordings, was composed in A-432 tuning standard, which means it was tuned down by 8 Herz from the official standard, in order to correspond with the frequency at which the human body vibrates when most relaxed. But do not expect his next album to lull you into a meditative state. Wojtek has spent many a weekend in Berlin’s techno clubs and many a night experimenting with synths, pads and all things electronic. Those of you who love honest, intimate and well-thought through vibes are sure to fall in love with this young composer.